ATOLL Rotterdam Recreation Center 











Hospitality + Sport > Bowling, Restaurant, Bar, Nightclub


2 000 sq m


300 guests




Cor Kieboomplein 509-510, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The ambition of our design was to create a flexible atmosphere, which can be adapted to the expectations and needs of the visitors and would take into consideration age-related, social, seasonal and temporal factors. The program suggested “Sea” as an atmosphere metaphor. This key image was developed into the concept of the four Elements – Water, Fire, Earth and Wind, which are represented in all components of the interior.

The essence of the interior concept is a combination of the color light dynamics and the material-structural statics. The visual brilliance, polyphony and color fluidity, all this should provide for creation of a changeable atmosphere of space. The light colors of the morning mood, businesslike comfort of lunch, the emotions and passion of the evening, glow and fever of the night – all these moods are overflowing into and complementing each other. The floor, walls and furniture are neutral “canvas” surfaces. They are simultaneously covered by the “fluid wallpaper” thanks to the invisible light sources.

Due to the natural and sustainable character of wood, stone, glass and steel, the used materials provide comfort, orientation and alignment. The material of the tables and the bars are translucent to strengthen the idea of liquid color light.

Underlying principles of the design are manifested in the massive use of energy sufficient LED lighting. 90% of the lighting network of the Atoll Rotterdam Bowling & Pool Center is implemented with LED-lights. It provides for energy savings of up to 70% compared with conventional fluorescent and incandescent lighting.

Last but not least, LED lighting has delivered an excellent level of freedom for creation of diversified atmospheres. Integrated in the walls and ceiling screen, it irradiates “fluid colors and wallpapers” according to the lighting scenario. Every scenario is a unique dynamic combination of color patterns and sounds which represent a specific atmosphere. The basic atmospheres of the scenarios are defined by the concept of the Elements – Water, Fire, Earth and Wind.

The liquid color scenarios are computer programmed and controlled. During a day twelve different variations are played, changing the interior atmosphere.